Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Week 1 - Saturday with Jayme Redmond

Well, I'm Jayme Redmond. Welcome!
I had a pretty good start to my day.
I'm telling you now, there is NOTHING like human blood to start the day. None of this plasma juice from a carton that the others drink. Please! I like my blood FRESH!
I swear, it's the best!

I hurried home before the sun came up. The last thing I need is for one of my victims to recognize me in broad daylight. And I wanted to wash my face and brush my teeth before I faced Celeste. I adore her but she doesn't exactly approve of the the idea of drinking blood from innocent victims. Oh well, her loss.
So, as you can imagine, I was pretty peeved to find her in the rec room, waiting. Only it wasn't me she was waiting for.
She was waiting for the two new guys.
Stefan and Damon Salvatore. (Yes, the names are *borrowed* from the real Vampire Diaries!) I knew there was going to be a couple of new guys arriving, but I had no idea it was today. Nobody bothered to tell me, clearly.
Pretty much from the minute they walked in, Selena and Damon got into a heated argument.
I ignored them all and got on with my inventing. I could hear Celeste giggling at everything Stefan said to her and again when Damon went back into the rec room after Selena had stormed off into the study (I later saw her flirting with Troy, so I don't think she was too upset).
Celeste clearly has her eyes on both Stefan and Damon. And to be honest, I don't trust myself not to attack either of those two pretty boys, so I took the dog for a walk in town.
Not my most intelligent idea, going for a walk in broad daylight, but I couldn't give a damn. Let my skin burn. If it means I never have to see Damon or Stefan Salvatore again, I'll die a happy vampire.

Week 1 - Friday with Selena Darkshine

I'm Selena. You'd probably guessed that. But there you go. I like stating the obvious. It's part of my charm.
Right, about me. I'm not ruled by my hormones like Troy and Celeste and I'm not obsessed with anyone out of my league, like Jenny is and I'm not in a steady relationship, like Antoine. Instead, I love my art. Painting, sculpting, inventing, you name it.
I began today by decorating the house for the holidays. I made a start really early this morning, before the sun came out and fried my skin!
I must say, I'm proud of it. I think the icicle lights really set it off. Pity the snowman couldn't have looked somewhat happier.
After all that decorating, I felt inspired to sculpt!
...while ignoring the flirting couple behind me. I could have sworn Jenny was obsessed with Troy, not Jayme. Clearly, she's getting pretty fed up with troy's bed-hopping. It's about time, Troy's been hitting on every female in this house all week. She should settle down into a decent relationship, like Antoine has. Maybe she will with Jayme?

Or maybe not. Clearly, Jayme is about as bad as Troy for staring at a female behind!

I ignored Jayme and carried on with my sculpting. I'm pleased I did! I finished my very first sculpture, a pedestal, and sold it for 38 simoleons. Not bad for a first attempt!
I still felt pretty inspired, so I began painting and even got a large painting finished! I'm on a roll!
Isn't that just the cutest gingerbread house you've ever seen??
The rest of the afternoon was quite peaceful. When Troy got home from work, he rang Latoya while I carefully took no notice of Jenny and Troy flirting in the kitchen (in the underwear). That girl will never learn!
Troy left for Latoya's party at eight, Jayme had gone to work and Celeste was in the study. I couldn't hear Troy or Jenny, so I assumed they'd taken their business upstairs. So I headed into the kitchen to grab some plasma from the fridge. As you do.
Well, I found Troy and Jenny. Still flirting. In the kitchen. In their undies.
That has to be one of the worst situations to be in. Walking in on a couple while they're flirting away, totally oblivious to the world around them. Couples in love can be so self-absorbed.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm single. Honest.

So I went into the dining room to casually consume my plasma and left the flirty couple to their business.
Clearly, the others have been in here and not bothered to clear their cartons away. Well I'm not doing it. I'm not their maid. Their lonely, single maid.
I'm NOT.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Week 1 - Thursday with Antoine Darkmere

A Broken Heart is Mended

I'm Antoine. I work as a journalist for the paper and I constantly see stories about Sims having their hearts broken. But I never assumed I'd be one them.
I'd admired Celeste from the day we moved in and for a while, it seemed she returned my feelings. But when she began flirting with Jayme right in front of me, I began to think again.
My job on the paper is to interview the new people in the town. Today's interview was with a charming young vampire named Latoya, who had moved into the log cabin at the bottom of our road. I left early in the morning to meet with her.
We hit it off right away. She seemed really nice and for a while, I forgot all about Celeste. Latoya was funny and very in to family values. Just like me. 
The interview sort of fell to the wayside as I learnt more about her. And, incredible though it is, she began flirting with me!
And I never gave Celeste another thought as I leant in the kiss Latoya.
I don't know what came over me, but it was suddenly as if everything Celeste had been doing to hurt me just didn't matter any more. I don't think I could have felt much more surprised by how much I really liked Latoya.
We spent a good deal of the afternoon watching television and talking. It was beginning to get dark when I remembered the interview, but it didn't matter. Nothing else matters to me now. The boss will have to hire someone else if she doesn't like it.
This thought gave me the courage to ask Latoya out.
So I took her to a cabin set in the woodlands at the top of Hidden Springs. We sat on the deck and gazed at the stars for a long time, just enjoying each other's company. It didn't feel like I'd only met her this morning. It feels like I've known her for years.
It was almost midnight when I offered to take Latoya home. She said she'd had a wonderful day and hoped she'd see me really soon and gave me her number.
I haven't felt this happy in ages. Celeste was as much in my thoughts as my father. And I wasn't thinking of him at all.
But what's this?
Latoya came home with Antoine?

Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 1 - Wednesday with Celeste Callahan

I'm Celeste. And I've been wondering; if guys like Troy can get away with their actions (and believe me, I KNOW what Troy's been doing, I'm not that naive), why can't we females do it too? I mean. what's the difference?
So, I've decided to play Troy at his own game. Especially seeing as he flirts with Jenny so often, instead of me.
So I decided to flirt a little with Antoine.

Of course, it was just a one off, but something tells me Antoine doesn't think of it like that.
He watches and looks pretty upset when I flirt with Jayme. But whatever! He'll get over it.
So, ignoring Antoines face, I went over to seduce Jayme.
And I succeeded!
However, I wasn't satisfied with just the other two vampires in the house. So I turned to the internet.
I know my best friend, Selena, didn't approve, but I didn't care. I was determined to prove to Troy that women don't all want long relationships!
I met this really nice sounding guy who, once I had finished talking to him a couple of hours later, left me way more satisfied than the vampires had!
But Selena decided to tell Antoine what I'd been doing and I can't say as I really cared for his expression.
But by that time, I'd had enough of his expressions and Troy was taking no notice of me whatsoever, he was SO busy with Jenny in the rec room (like we didn't all know what they were doing in there!), so I took my keys and left for town.
So I went into the Consignment store and started chatting to the specialist behind the counter.
One thing led to another and...who knew he had a bedroom and bathroom for himself in the basement of the store?
An hour or so later, I left the store behind the specialist, and who did I run into?
Why, my Cyber-friend, of course!
We got rather nicely acquainted and decided to put the bed in the basement to good use.
Well, I must have beaten Troy's record today! That's what I call satisfying!

But how will Antoine react to this? And what is this feeling he's having? Is it just a crush?
Or is he in love with a girl who will never love him back?

Week 1 - Tuesday with Troy Huffman

Hey there, I'm Troy. I love the girls. Just love 'em. They're fun, especially the three in my household. But they've all got the same flaw; they think our "relationships" are forever. Okay, I am not the falling in love type.
Anyway, this morning started off innocently enough. 

Just chilling, drinking plasma with Celeste and Jayme. You know, the regular routine and everything. But dammit, I just cannot resist and pretty girl. And Celeste was looking pretty hot this morning.
So I made my move.

And the best bit is, she doesn't even know about Jenny last night. Score!
However, things didn't work out as they normally do. I was pretty peeved to find her flirting with Antoine!
I mean, how dare she?
So I thought, Screw it. I went back to see Jenny.
But before I could make my move, she disappeared to the bathroom. What is it with women and the bathroom, for crying out loud? Shouldn't the bedroom be their favourite room?
So I left her to it. I went into the rec room to play some table football and who did I find there, dancing to the stereo? Why, Celeste! Jayme and Antoine were at work, so I figured I'd go and say "hello".

Afterwards, where does Celeste go? Why, the bathroom, of course. Feeling pretty peeved, I left the bedroom and ran straight into Jenny in the hallway.
We went into the rec room to "talk".
Oh, who am I kidding? We didn't stay in the rec room long!
Well, I left the room while Jenny was sleeping. But I ran into Celeste in the rec room.
I don't think she was too happy...
I just wish they'd both stop muttering about "long-term". It's very irritating.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Week 1 - Monday With Jenny Crow

Well, here we are. We've just moved into Hidden Springs as part of the Vampire Population programme.
They boys, Troy, Antoine and Jayme are really hot. I mean, unbelievably hot. I always used to be really shy, especially around guys and especially around Troy. But now, I talk to them all the time. I talk to Jayme about my school:

And I talk to Antoine about books and reading:

But it always seems to be Troy I end up flirting with:

We flirt a lot and seem to get along, but I didn't really think when we moved in that I ever stood a chance with him. I mean, Selena and Celeste are far more confident than I am. And far prettier.
Anyway, today, the others had all left for work and I was by myself at home. I'm training to be a mixologist, so I work from home at the moment. I must admit, I've been feeling fairly low. I just didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with any of the guys, especially Troy. So I turned to the internet.
I now it's stupid and I shouldn't do it, but I was feeling desperate.

I started talking to this guy, Ian. He seemed nice, but I felt really uncomfortable with the conversation. I was trying to find an excuse to log off, when I heard a car pull up on the driveway. I quickly signed off and looked out of the study window to find Troy walking up the path! It was a dream come true for me. Just me and Troy left in the house together! He's a Private Investigator, so he can juggle his work hours, and here he was!
He walked into the study when he saw me in there and took me very much by surprise!

But, what Jenny doesn't know is...

...Troy only thinks of it as a one-night stand...